Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day in the Life

As I've stated in my profile, I'm kind of an excitable person. High energy. This has many obvious perks, but is somewhat challenging in relation to how excitable my two year old can get. Yeah genetics... y-e-a-h. She's all around darling and sweet, but just a teensy bit aggressive when it comes to getting attention from, well, absolutely anything with eyes. Puppies, her little brother, friends (well, those other little short people she runs around with - does she have a sense of 'friendship' yet?) - yeah and anything taller than my knee too.

I can remember being a little, um, socially aggressive? Is that the word I want to use? I'm very extroverted and need people to feel alive and well, and I swear she really is my clone (in every single way). This is why people don't marry themselves, it's impossible for me to deal with the 'me' in her. When she melts down because she's tired I think to myself 'yeah, I'd scream like that too', when she needs snack and she needs it now - I get that. But boy am I, er, I mean, is she ever exhausting!

The thought of taking her all raw and new and waiting to be impressed upon and realizing that I'm the one responsible for molding her is just terrifying. It I teach someone how to -be- and that person is starting with a lot of the same basic material as me - aren't I recreating a mini-me? Oh, terrifying. How can I work out the kinks? How can I teach her the life lessons that I missed along the way when I'm still lacking so much?


So this is why they say parenting is hard.